Why Us?

Trained, experienced, and well-supervised crews enable us to maintain a healthy and vibrant plant community on your property.

Why Us?

Using new technology and old work ethic, we are committed to being a partner for your landscaping needs. Our fleet of trucks head  out every morning to represent our philosophy of stewardship for your landscape environment.  

Commercial Properties Are Our Specialty

One of Sarver’s strong points lies within the Commercial Property business. 

Due to our 70+ years of experience, we are able to achieve maximized aesthetic value, utility and safety throughout our commercial spaces.

We have experience managing:

  • Corporate buildings
  • Institutions
  • Homeowner's Associations

Be it a property owner, facility manager or HOA board member, we are confident that we can deliver great results.

Quality in the Details

Many things at Sarver have evolved over the years, but a few things have remained constant: dedication to quality and attention to details. 

We strive to keep our work quality as high as possible on every project that we take on, our Quality Assurance Program provides us this ability. Rewarding and holding each member of our team accountable ensures pride in all of our work.

We Value Our Customers

To Sarver, you will never be viewed as “just another property”. Our ultimate goal is to form healthy, long-term, working relationships with all of our clients.

 In short, we aren’t just looking for volume. What’s most important to us is delivering great work and building trusting relationships with our customers.

Our History

For more information on how Sarver Landscape started, explore our history. Our work ethic is as strong today as it was when we picked up our first shovel, 70+ years ago!